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Super King Quilts – 95% Goose Down

Super King Quilts - 95% Goose Down


  • Super King Size Quilt
  • 270cm Wide X 240cm Long
  • 100% Cotton Japara Channel Casing


When quality counts enjoy the comfort of our 95% Goose Down Quilts with Cotton Cover.

Super King size quilt – 270cm wide x 240cm long – 100% cotton Japara channel casing.

The Goose Down is a high quality down with a loft rating of 700+. The cover is 100% Egyptian Cotton. This quilt can be specially made for you ranging from super summer light to the warmest quilt for the coldest winter.

Goose Down King Quilts

Looking for a cosy quilt that ensures a restful night’s sleep regardless of the weather? Choose our Goose Down Quilts!

Goose Down quilt from the Quilt & Pillow Factory will have you dozing off into a peaceful sleep in no time. Quilts made of goose and duck down are warm without being bulky. Goose down is a natural fill that is strong and breathable, keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Check our extensive range of lavishly soft, light, and fluffy Goose Down quilts and enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Why Our Goose Down Quilt King Is Your Best Choice

Most favourable Warmth to Weight Ratio

Smother yourself in comfort. Goose-down clusters effectively fill voids and loft to enclose little air bubbles. This maximises the control of body temperature to keep you comfortable all night.

Exceptional Comfort

Only luxurious goose-down clusters can produce the soft, billowing bedding you need to create your own tempting retreat. After only one night under your new down quilt, you’ll fall in love with the very appearance of your bed.

Breathable goose down prevents overheating

Our king goose-down quilt is built-in sweat and moisture wicking, goose-down regulates your body temperature and prevents overheating. The lightweight material used to manufacture goose-down quilt allows your body to breathe while keeping you at the perfect temperature.

Why should you buy a goose-down quilt in Australia?

When it comes to quilts, goose-down is thought to be the best fill material. It has bigger down clusters that offer enhanced warmth while you sleep and a lovely, light lofty sensation.

Why Choose us?

We, at Quilt & Pillow Factory, are committed to giving our clients only the highest quality quilts that will last for years and allow them to sleep well. Every goose-down quilt king in our collection is meticulously crafted with the satisfaction of our customers as the highest concern. We also provide quilt cleaning and rejuvenating services.

Please feel free to call us on 03-62281026 or send an email at to learn more about our products and services. Our team would be pleased to assist you with all of your needs and provide you with the best quilt at a fair price.

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Care Instructions

  • Fluff and air frequently allow the genuine down to breathe and stay fresh for longer.
  • Rejuvenation is recommended when the product has lost its warmth, flattened or the casing deteriorated.
  • Recommendation: Wash and Loft every 12 months.
  • Rejuvenate every 2-3 years


Prue and her sis were doing a great job. Very highly recommend, quick, efficient and quality. I’d three doonas to rejuvenation and change size, it’s all done in one day. Actually 3 hours
H Hendrix
H Hendrix
Fantastic local business! Very knowledgeable and helpful staff! Highly recommend!
Neale & Lyndal Bookall
Neale & Lyndal Bookall
Back in 2012 we were holidaying in Tasmania with my superdown quilt which was beginning to show serious signs of wear and tear after 35 years. I saw this shop and they gave me a new outer cover, extracted all my superdown, fluffed and sanitised it all and blew it all back into the new cover. Cost me just over $100 at the time and I was over the moon! Great service, friendly and no trouble to help. Highly recommend them. Sorry it's taken so long to post a comment.
Isabella von Lichtan
Isabella von Lichtan
The service is fast and fantastic! I needed a new doona, so I looked on their website. As I wanted to do a pickup from their store rather than delivery, I gave them a call. The person on the phone was so friendly and within 30 minutes of the call, my new doona was made and ready to collect! The doona was more than you would pay in places like Spotlight, but the quality is far superior. I highly recommend shopping local.
Extremely helpful staff, and very high quality products, made in Tasmania while you wait or to order. Came back 2nd time for further purchases because was extremely happy with product quality and service Would highly recommend to anyone who wants a high-quality product.
Ruth Howard
Ruth Howard
I have a king quilt from 6 years ago now with a warmer feather filled top on one side and cooler on the other, I find it very useful, the feathers are in great condition as is the stitching and I can get the quilt rejuvenated any time I want to. Highly recommend these luxurious doona down quilts.

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