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Goose Down Quilts

The Best Goose Down Quilts In Australia
Did you know? Going to a 5-star hotel is not the only way to relax, rejuvenate and experience luxury!

Do you miss using a fluffy quilt and hugging it from your most recent getaway and just can’t get enough of that memory? Don’t worry, we at Quilt Pillow Factory have the perfect solution for you! You can now enjoy comfortable, soft and luxurious quilts at home! Our goose-down quilts in Australia will help you sleep like a baby.

If you’re not familiar with the types of quilts you can choose from or have no idea about goose-down quilts, we will help help you make a better choice! Goose-down quilts have numerous advantages that can help induce sound sleep and propagate good health.
Goose Down Quilts In Australia
If you’re wondering what goose feather quilts or goose down is, it is basically a goose’ feather-filled covering. The down of a goose lies mostly right under it’s feather-filled covering and is usually taken from the belly or chest area of the bird for fuller and better volume.

Why are down feathers preferred? Because when compared to other feathers that are denser and heavier, down feathers are light fluffy. One of the biggest plus points is that it is free of sharp quills. Every down cluster will have a round, soft centre known as a plumule. These clusters are round and sphere-shaped, not connected or aligned with one another. The shape and texture are as fluffy and soft as that of a dandelion.

Pillows and bedding materials are made with clusters of down since they are free of any sharp quills. This makes it possible for this material to be used easily because it is so malleable. It is also known to be an excellent insulator, providing warmth without being too heavy for the user. Used with cotton linens, down products can provide unparalleled comfort.
What Makes Goose Down So Special?
Goose-down beddings such as goose-down quilts are preferred because of reasons like:
Resists Clumps:
The goose-down feathers or so soft and lightweight that they can easily take the shape of anybody using it. One will almost feel like they’re hugging clouds! They are naturally flexible so they do not clump up and provide maximum coverage. You can also store them easily, even in small spaces, because the goose-down feather fluff right back up!
Warmth & Comfort:
Goose-down filled products are great for warmth and comfort. Especially when you’re cuddling with goose-down quilts, the feel of the product is exceptional. Because of the clusters, heat is well trapped and it is also breathable.
Goose-down feathers or products have the ability to absorb our body’s moisture. What happens is the goose down feather trap heat and let all the moisture escape, making sure that your night is not interrupted with any discomfort. This makes sure that your night is warm and cozy and your sleep cycle is not interrupted.

Down feathers also allow heat to circulate naturally throughout your bedding. So when using a quilt, you don’t have to worry about what season it is. You can use it throughout the year!
Goose-down feathers are one of the lightest bedding options out there in the market. Your quilts will never let you forget them!
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