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Goose Down Pillows

Experience Deep, Uninterrupted Slumber with Our Luxurious and Velvety Goose Down Pillows

Do you often find yourself feeling completely exhausted and longing for sleep, only to toss and turn all night? The culprit of your sleepless nights could be the wrong pillow.

If you prefer pillows that fully cradle your head and neck or need a lightweight option with a soft and luxurious texture, consider investing in goose down pillows.

At the Quilt and Pillow Factory, we have the best goose down pillows in Australia that guarantee a good night’s sleep.

What are Goose Down Pillows?

Made with the down feathers of geese, goose down pillows are soft, lightweight, and easily moldable and ideal for snuggling. These pillows literally feel like a warm hug because down feathers are a natural thermal insulator.

Down feathers grow closest to the skin of the goose. These tiny and soft feathers are found underneath the coarser exterior feathers of the geese. When goslings are born, they are fully covered in down feathers. The main purpose of goose down is to keep the body warm and maintain body heat. They insulate the body and protect against the cold.

In addition to being a natural insulator, goose down is extremely soft and lightweight, makingthem ideal for pillows. Goose down pillows in Australia are ethically sourced and produced from Australian goose-down feathers.

Goose down typically comes in thicker clusters, which allows them to have integrated air pockets. This allows for more air to pass through, which provides better insulation. Let your head and neck sink deeply into these plush pillows, and enjoy a restful sleep.

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The Benefits of Using Goose Down Pillows

Ever heard of the term ‘sleeping on a cloud’? No one actually knows how it feels. But sleeping on down pillows must be something close to it.

Soft and fluffy, and lightweight and plush, goose down pillows are just what the doctor ordered to give you a feather-light sleep.


These soft and lightweight pillows softly cradle your head, neck, and shoulder. Sink comfortably into the soft feathers and ease the pressure around your stiff muscles. Enjoy a peaceful sleep without any soreness the following day!


If you have a warmer body temperature than the average, normal pillows can make you sweat excessively. Goose down pillows the air to naturally pass through the fibers, thus, ensuring easy air circulation all night long.


Goose down pillows are easily moldable. Sleepers can adjust the pillow shape however they desire, which makes it ideal for all types of sleepers and the perfect partner for snuggling.


Down pillows are longer-lasting than other synthetic pillows. They can easily last for more than ten years without losing their fluffiness and shape over time. Being made of natural materials, they are easy to maintain.

Goose Down Pillows in Australia – Who is Best Suited for Them?

At the Quilt and Pillow Factory, we offer the best and most comfortable products in our goose down pillows sale. Before purchasing, let’s find out who is best suited to sleep on down pillows.

Side Sleepers – Such types of sleepers need more support between their neck and shoulder. Goose down pillows are ideal for them as it provides full support to the area.

Back Sleepers – When you sleep on the back, you need full spinal support from head to toe. Choose the best goose down pillows in Australia for complete support to your back.

Hot Sleepers – Since down pillows are excellent insulators, they are ideal for sleepers who run a higher-than-average body temperature. Down feathers allow air to pass through freely, keeping them comfortable all through the night.

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