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Mattress Toppers – 50% Goose Down


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About this product

  • 100% Cotton Japara.
  • Single – 92cm X 204cm – 1200g Weight
  • King Single – 106cm X 204cm – 1600g Weight
  • Double –  138cm X 204cm – 1800g Weight
  • Queen –  153cm X 204cm – 2250g Weight
  • King – 183cm X 204cm – 2500g Weight
  • Super King – 204cm X 204cm – 3000g Weight

When quality counts enjoy the comfort of our QPF Mattress Toppers in 100% cotton Japara.

Like sleeping on Cloud 9!
For those who like a soft, snuggly bed to burrow into.

Single –                    92cm x 204cm – 1200g weight
King Single –          106cm x 204cm – 1600g weight
Double –                 138cm x 204cm – 1800g weight
Queen –                 153cm x 204cm – 2250g weight
King –                     183cm x 204cm – 2500g weight
Super King –          204cm x 204cm – 3000g weight

Duck and Down Mattress Topper

Take a moment to relax in one of our premium Siberian Duck Down Mattress Toppers.

Our Siberian Duck down mattress topper collection is the ideal option for your bed if you’re looking to add luxury and comfort to your mattress. The mattress is often coupled with the Goose Down Quilts for ultimate comfort, ensuring your sleep is comfortable and undisturbed. The mattress provides comfort for a variety of demands and is available in sizes ranging from single to super king. Depending on the mattress size you select, the weight of our double duck feather and down mattress topper ranges from 1200g to 3000g.

The topper’s baffle box design guarantees that the fill is dispersed uniformly and does not move and that the topper maintains its loft.

With the Siberian Duck Feather and Down Mattress Topper in Australia, our Australian clients feel pampered and refreshed when they wake up, as we provide them with luxury options to get the best sleep.

Tips to choose the perfect mattress topper duck feather and down

Material: The materials used for the down mattress topper are of three basic components. Each topper is created from one of three types of down: grey or white down, duck down or goose down. Choose the one that best suits your needs and comfort.

Stitching Pattern: Customers should pay more attention to stitching patterns if they want to make the finest purchases possible, but they rarely do. The majority of down mattress topper producers employ the stitching designs baffle box, ring stitch, and European bag. Each stitching style secures the feathers.

Weight and Size: The decision of a comforter’s size and weight is more subjective than uniform. But before you choose, we want to draw your attention to a basic aspect of size and weight. Always take into account the size of your bed and the weight of your comforter when purchasing a down mattress topper.

Why Buy Duck Feather And Down Mattress Topper From Our Quilt & Pillow Factory?

We are committed to giving our clients the highest level of comfort and satisfaction while they sleep. Our goods are reasonably priced and made with the demands of diverse customers in mind. Please contact us at 03 6228 1026 if you have any questions regarding our duck feather mattress topper double for your bedroom or send an email to

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  • Fluff And Air Frequently Allow The Genuine Down To Breathe And Stay Fresh For Longer.
  • Rejuvenation Is Recommended When The Product Has Lost Its Warmth, Flattened Or The Casing Deteriorated.
  • Recommendation: Wash And Loft Every 12 Months.
  • Rejuvenate Every 2-3 Years.

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